Foodie Friday: Cookie Fail


For my friend’s birthday this week, I thought I bake her some cookies. I knew she liked lemon stuff, I happened to have some lemons on hand…it’d be perfect. My idea was to use the Tollhouse recipe posted on the back of their white chocolate chips but tweak it to add lemon zest and then maybe top with a sour lemon drizzle so they’d be all nice and yummy. Plus I got a new lemon zester as a wedding gift and really want a reason to use it! So I gather up all my ingredients and off I go. I mix my flour (in a pretty bowl, another gift. I feel so domesticated now that I have multiple bowls I can use to mix stuff).IMG_1705 I zest my lemon which went SO MUCH EASIER with a zester. It took like 5 seconds. I started having flash backs to the gloppy mess when I made lemon curd a couple of months ago. Yick. Adding the zest to the white sugar in the recipe was one of two changes I made to the recipe. Instead of the vanilla extra the recipe called for, I used an emulsion with “Princess Flavoring” I found at Michaels. It has a floral, lemony scent to it, similar in taste to some plain sugar or shortbread cookies. I was a little short on time so I ended up making the dough on one night, freezing the dough overnight and then baking the following day. The one problem with that was that my dough was frozen solid when I tried to use it. So I attempted to thaw it out by leaving it on the counter over a running dishwasher. It worked, but maybe too well. I probably should have re-frozen the dough once I had formed it, but whatever. I didn’t.IMG_1710 The cookies were rolled and then thrown into the oven. When they came out….well it just wasn’t good. They did the melty thing. Uber sad face.IMG_1709That’s when I remember the last time I had made cookies using a spin-off of this recipe: Julia Child’s Mocha cookies. They went all flat like too. So I’ve decided- Tollhouse, you’re done in my book. There are so many other chocolate chip recipes out there, I no longer feel like wasting my time having a spread out cookie. I checked the internet to see if other have similar issues and while I didn’t find a ‘’ website, I did find this intriguing post that shows what happens when your cookies don’t have enough flour in the mix. Or maybe too much butter. Either way, the ratio is off. Now I feel the need to bake some regular chocolate chip cookies and get more height to the little thing. I did end up giving these to my friend. I dumped them all in a bowl-shaped tupperware and drizzled some powdered sugar/lemon juice mixture on top. At least they tasted good.


In other news – check out my kickass new spatula. Not only does the rubber part not fall off the stick like my old spatula, it’s also HUGE. Which means less wiping around the bowl before I get everything. SCORE. Seriously, with all these wedding gifts, all I want to do is bake cookies for a housefull of kids and serve tea and fingerwhiches at the book club meeting I’m hosting. Too bad that’s no where close to my laugh right now. Sad panda.

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