Baking Project (TWD) : Blueberry Muffins

So my last Tuesday’s with Dorie baking project was a long long time ago. I think it was in June. And then I got married. And then I went on my honeymoon. And then we were packing. And then Vegas happened. And now I’m in a new house, and FINALLY have my kitchen back. I have been cooking up a storm. Literally. Every other day it looks like a tornado hit my kitchen. Flour everywhere. Drips of who knows what stuck to the counter. Mixing bowls and measuring cups stacked in the sink. I’ve been making up for lost time and a lot of time has been lost my friends. The first August assignment was a choose-your-own-adventure style project. Ie, pick A or B or both. I picked A. Blueberry muffins.


My first thought regarding this recipe was “score! I have blueberries! This will be a nice easy treat to make over the long weekend”. My second thought, which occurred while I was making them was “Man these are really involved. I thought muffins were basically a miniĀ quick bread. These are not going quick”. Third thought, upon sampling “Whoa- these are WAY salty and not at all like the soft, fluffy, fruity cupcake I was expecting.” I then proceeded to eat 5. My husband said he usually doesn’t like blueberry muffins because they aren’t sweet enough, yet somehow liked these.


Very very flat

Now it’s possible that my thinking they were much more involved that they should have been could be do to my previous experience using the ‘just add water’ type mixes that result in semi-decent muffins. Or maybe it was that for me, muffins should be very straight forward and require one bowl. Two at most. But this recipe…I felt like I was all over the place. Triple sifted dry ingredients. An egg and a half. Whipped butter and dissolved sugar. Adding dry ingredients so carefully I started have macaron flashbacks. And the result? Okay muffins. I mean, I certainly ate them, and the flavor was decent overall, but worth all that extra work? Not. A. Chance. Plus, as Julia admits, they do not last very long. By the next day they were super dried out and only ok with a blob of melty butter in the center.

If for whatever reason you want the recipe, I saw that Sharron at OneCleverMom posted it, but use with caution. There are bound to be WAY better recipes floating all over the interwebs.


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  1. This really was an involved recipe…for a muffin. It was good. I liked the light texture, since muffins are generally dense. But again, involved and lots of dirty dishes. Ack.

  2. I must make overly complicated recipes. Several people have mentioned how involved this one was, I was excited to whip them out before my bike ride one morning. I really enjoyed these – they were different than your typical muffin. I wrapped one in plastic wrap and had it the following morning and it was still good – just the top lost its crispness.

    Welcome back, and congrats on your wedding and new home!

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