Baking Project (TWD Rewind): Johnnycake Cobbler

The weekend after we moved into our new house, I remember looking up what the next TWD baking assignment was, to see if it was at all feasible for me to try and accomplish. The items: Johnnycake Cobbler and/or Raspberry Fig Crostata. I’ll admit there have been some weeks when I’m too busy to do anything, let alone bake some superfluous treat, but when I look at the assigned bakery item I think – oh, well it’s ok that I have to miss out on this one because I/my husband would hate it and not eat it. But cobbler vs. crostata?? Really? But they BOTH sound really good! I vowed then and there that while my baking homework may be a bit late, I would catch up for that one!

20130910-224718.jpgI decided to make the cobbler as my first official treat in our new house. Mainly because I had almost all of the necessary ingredients. My fruits for the cobbler were some peaches and granny smiths. Apples and peaches sound like a decent combo, no? Really, it was just the lazy person’s combo. I was so lazy I actually didn’t even both peeling the fruit. This turned out to be a bad idea. ALWAYS PEEL YOUR FRUIT. It just tastes better.

20130910-224747.jpgNext step was to mix all the dry ingredients in a food processor. I love mixing dough in a food processor. It’s SO much easier than using a mixer or by hand. Especially once you have to add the butter in. A few quick pulses and BAM! The exact consistency you need. As per recipe, I made a little hole in my dough, and gently forked the cream into it. Everything seemed to come together pretty easily. Next step was to spoon everything into little ramekins (my first time using them!). What cute little serving bowls. They were perfect because not only did the recipe CALL for individual bowls, but they prevented me from dishing out a ton of fruit and crumb mixture only for us to not eat the stuff. Instead, I refrigerate the leftover fruit/crumb (separately) and could then whip up a cobbler pretty easily.
20130910-224818.jpgHere are my cute little cobblers. Before the oven and then the golden one below, after the oven. The smelled and looked great.
20130910-224827.jpg  If that even makes sense. I definitely should have peeled both fruits. The peel became a little distracting. The topping I thought was weird. I’m not a crazy cornbread lover so the cornmeal flavor got to me. Both my friend and husband said it was pretty good, but let’s be honest, “pretty good” is never good enough when it comes to baking. There’s got to be a recipe that takes the “pretty good” to “mind-blowingly awesome!”
20130910-224844.jpgThe one caveat to that is that my husband said that with my fancy homemade vanilla ice cream, the cobbler was escalated to ‘excellent’. I think in that scenario the cobbler was really just a vehicle for the ice cream and he would have said the same thing had I served the ice cream on a few saltines. On the plus side, it was pretty easy to make, relatively few bowls needed and very versatile. I just think I would opt for a less-cornmeally topping.

You can check out how some of the other TWD bakers fared here.

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  1. I made both recipes this time around as well. The cobbler did not have any wow factor at all. The crostata I enjoyed, especially the crust. Your vanilla ice cream looks delicious. Lucky you to have some Tahitian v. beans. I have been on a homemade ice cream kick lately – and I’ve never really cared for ice cream all that much!

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