Baking Project: (Pumpkin) Oatmeal Breakfast Bread

I baked today. Even though it’s thursday. Even though I usually only post baking stuff on tuesday. Today is special. It’s Dorie Greenspan’s birthday. There’s a high likelihood that you might not know who she is, but she’s a pretty famous cookbook maker. She is responsible for the Baking with Julia book we’re all baking through as well as probably my favorite cookbook- Baking: From my Home to Yours. Every picture in that book makes me want to drop what I’m doing and bake immediately. Everything sounds delicious, and the few things I’ve tried from there have turned out really well.

20131024-124630.jpgSo our Tuesdays with Dorie group decided it would be a nice thing to bake something in Dorie’s honor. I really wanted to do something with pumpkin and wanted to pick something that would mail easily. There’s a recipe for pumpkin muffins in Dorie’s Baking book, but it specifically states that they should be eaten quickly. Baked goods with butter rarely seems to stay soft for very long. So in flipping around I found a recipe for oatmeal breakfast bread that says it will hold for 3-4 days. Perfect! But what about the pumpkin?! Hmm. Perhaps they could be combined?



I ended up using the oatmeal breakfast bread recipe, but subbed pumpkin puree for apple sauce. A full 1 1/4c of pumpkin. Well. 1 full cup plus a mounded blob that I estimated to be a 1/4c as I don’t know where my 1/4c has run off to. It made measuring things for this recipe interesting. I felt like I was back in elementary school math. 1/2c +3/4c = 1 1/4c! Perfect!

20131024-124727.jpgI had decided to gift this loaf to my brother and sister-in-law, so I knew I wouldn’t be allowed to hack off a slice and taste test things myself. Instead I scooped out a bit of the batter and made myself a single muffin serving of the stuff. It looked pretty getting topped with it’s delightful sugary-nut mix. The recipe called for walnuts of pecans which may have tasted better than my almond slices. But I had a bunch of almond slices with which I didn’t know what to do. So they went into the topping. Unfortunately, post-cooking the muffins didn’t look nearly as pretty. Frankly, it looks a little rough…



20131024-124800.jpgBut that doesn’t mean I didn’t eat the whole thing. I think I took my lone muffin out around 13 minutes and there was still a tiny bit of goopiness at the very top of the muffin. It blended well with all the brown sugar.

So my review? It was decent.

I know that’s not exactly a rave endorcement but I have a small confession…

I don’t really like pumpkin flavoring that much.

I KNOW! I KNOW! It just doesn’t do anything for me. I love cinnamon and chai and apple cider and scarves and pretty leaves and everything else to do with fall, but I just don’t get super excited about pumpkin stuff like everyone else does. It was killing me last year when my friends kept wanting me to bake pumpkin flavored stuff. I wanted to be all ENOUGH ALREADY! Can’t we move on to a different flavor? Chocolate+peanut butter? Citrus? What about some exotic like cardamom?? WHY PUMPKIN. No thank you. I usually doused any pumpkin thing with some heavy cream cheese goodness to balance it out. Now that I can get behind.

Anyway, the bread was decent. It was moist. It was pumpkin-y. It was not too sweet. If I were to ever make pumpkin bread that I would be eating more of I might try to incorporate a cream cheese swirl. Or some chocolate chips. Hopefully my brother and SiL like pumpkin. Or at least will be nice enough to tell me they do.


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