Baking Project (TWD): Double Chocolate Cookies

I feel like these cookies need to come with a disclaimer. A giant DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT MAKING THESE WITHOUT A JUG OF MILK NEARBY. I do not generally have milk in the house, and now I’ve made these and we have no milk and NOW WHAT DO I DO?!?!?!

First world problems I tell ya.

20131119-214143.jpgSo these “cookies”. Where to begin? First, let’s take a look at the ingredients, shall we? What do you think are the primary ingredients in chocolate cookies? Flour? Sugar? Maybe a couple of eggs. A sprinkling of cocoa powder. These chocolate cookies? ALL CHOCOLATE!

Ok. That’s a little bit of an exaggeration, but what cookie recipe has a wopping 1/2c of flour?? These. I’ve never made cookies with this kind of technique before. Ie, liquid melty chocolate + a meringue like base and then a little bit of flour swirled in.

20131119-214154.jpgThe final mixture totally passed my taste test. I firmly believe that tasty things should taste good in both raw and cooked form. That’s why I’m so suspicious of pancakes. The batter? bleh. This batter (because honestly, it was closer to a batter than a dough), tasted deliciously of raw brownies. Yum?

The batter get frigerated for a few hours at which point it looks less like a batter and more like fudge. And the taste test? Yep, tastes just like fudge. Again, Yum?

20131119-214208.jpgThe directions then said to scoop by heaping rounded tablespoon onto a cookie tray so heap I did. The giant bowl of batter/dough/fudge only resulted in 18 cookies. Then again, I probably at a couple of cookies in the raw form before baking so maybe I’d get a full 20 out of the dough.

I baked for 5 minutes before rotating the pans and baking for another 6. They still looked a little raw when I took them out but the directions said to err on the side of raw vs. overdone so raw it is!

20131119-214228.jpgThat brings us to the actual cookie. Julia said they were going to spread a lot, but I didn’t think so. I axpect super flat, but they weren’t. It was basically a brownie but in a cookie shape. SUPER RICH and very chocolatey (hence the milk requirement). Frankly, after licking the bowl and the spatula and having a big spoonful of the dough/batter I was a *tad* bit sick of all the chocolate. I’m sure they will taste better for breakfast.

Overall score: a solid A. Way to go chocolate cookies.

Now go look at all the other people who made these rich morsels of chocolatey-ness.

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  1. Oh! No milk.. not a good time to be without! However, they are just as delicious with coffee or a glass of Cabernet. Yeah, I had cookies with all three (at different times of the day/night!), I was expecting flat as a pancake cookies too, though mine were quite plump. I was able to get 42 cookies! I used a medium ice cream scoop (1.5″ diameter). These were delish!

  2. We didn’t have milk either! And YES to breakfast. That’s what I did when I finished baking off the dough the next morning :)

  3. No milk? PANIC!!!
    I loved them too and I did feel a bit sick as well after tasting and tasting and tasting. I had to deep freeze them to get them out of my sight ;-)

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