Baking Project (TWD): Buttermilk Scones

scones10I think this is the first time since I join the Tuesdays with Dorie Group back in 2012 that the item we made was one of the ones I suggested. Hah! how exciting! Yet despite voting for scones, when this weekend rolled around, I really didn’t feel like baking them. I mean, I was doing well on my diet (that didn’t include white flour…or buttermilk), I didn’t want bready, deliciousness sitting around my house for days and of course I didn’t even think I’d have the time to make these.

Then I looked at the recipe. And I realized it could probably be made in about 30 minutes from start to finish…cooking time included. And as the recipe called for no eggs, it lended itself to be cut in half or third or whatever. I was very tempted to make it in my food processor, as I figured that would cut down on the time, but after watching the pbs video, it looked pretty easy to just mix by hand. So that’s what I did.

In a large bowl, you mix all your dry ingredients together and then cut in your butter. The video showed Chef Marion squishing the butter into the flour with her fingers, so I did that too. It felt wonderful actually. Reminded me of playing in a sandbox when I was little – gotta love tactile sensations! Once the mixture starts looking like cornmeal, you add in your buttermilk and stir with a spoon (or your fingers again) until you get a “rough looking dough”. It looked really dry to me and I was tempted to add more buttermilk but I thought I’d try kneading it first.

scones1 scones2

I dumped my veryb dry, crumbly dough onto my pie mat and starting mashing it with me hands, and voila! It came together pretty easily. I shaped my lump into a circle roughly 7″ in diameter which was easy to measure with my pie mat and then did my best to cut 6 equal pie slices out of my circle. Looks close enough, yes? The wedges got tossed onto a baking sheet and into the oven. I love recipes where I can complete all my clean-up in the same amount of time it takes for my goodies to finish baking. PERFECT TIMING I tell you.scones3 scones4

I was somewhat suspicious of my scones when they first popped out because they looked so pale. But I thought – the recipe knows best. I grabbed one and immediately broke off a hunk to try it. Warm, soft, but a little too gummy in the middle so I through the tray back in the oven. I think I ended up cooking them for an extra 10 minutes and they still never really turn a nice golden brown, but I was getting antsy for breakfast so I figured they hit good enough status.

scones6 scones7

I’m happy I had watched the video because otherwise I wouldn’t have known how to properly serve these bad boys. Chef Marion cut them in half (I thought you were just supposed to eat them like pizza?), lathered on some whipped cream and fresh berries, coved it back up and then topped the whole scone sandwich with more cream and berries. I mean, for realz? We had no fresh berries so I opted for some blueberry preserves and canned whipped cream. That first bite was gooooood. Delicious. Hit the spot.scones8 scones9

When my husband came downstairs I offered to make him some too, in the same fashion. He took a bite and said “Oh – these are good”. A couple of bites later “These are really good” and finally, with a clean plate “Those were excellent. Good job!”

I will say they certainly peaked with the fruit and whipped cream, but even by themselves they were pretty darn tasty. I’d definitely make them again if I didn’t have a bazillion other recipes I wanted to try. Although, since it was so easy, I’ll certainly keep the recipe in my back pocket if I ever need a fancy-ish breakfast offering.

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  1. I watched the video of Marion making these after mine were all gone, drat! Whipped cream and fresh raspberries would have been divine! Of course, they were delicious on their own as well. I also mixed mine by hand. There is something so wonderful about cutting butter into dough by hand!

  2. We loved the scones too, so easy and quick. I’m glad you served yours with cream and berry preserves, though the cream on top would have made it, well, over the top (in a good way)! :-)

  3. They are quick to put together. They must have tasted wonderful with the berry preserve and cream I put mine under the grill/broiler to brown them on top.

  4. I think that’s your lucky month – not only one, but two recipes that you recommended got chosen :) It was fun mixing the butter into the flour using your fingers. Love your serving idea!

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